Stop friendly fraud

Its free! Join the first merchant led consortium to stop first-party fraud using machine learning.

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    Security transmitted, securely stored. We use military grade encryption, SOC II audited system, and apply principals of Privacy By Design to keep data safe.


    Integrate with your merchant payment gateway in minutes. We've automated everything to make life a little simpler.

    Compelling evidence done right

    Digital Forensics

    Get cutting-edge digital forensics to fight back against first-party fraud with highly accurate data

    Know before

    Get real-time scores to help prevent bad actors before they file illegitimate chargebacks and disputes

    Prevent and protect

    Real-time Score

    Get a friendly fraud score at check-out and take action early

    Create Evidence

    Collect digital evidence on high risk users for compelling evidence and protect your business

    The intelligent way to manage friendly fraud.

    The industries first AI model focused on identifying first-party fraud patterns.

    CompelEv integrates directly into your payment gateway to get real-time data and provide real-time first-party fraud score

    Detect Repeat Offenders

    Friendly fraud isn’t friendly at all, the rise in first-party fraud is perpetrated by repeat problematic users. CompelEv identifies and notifies you of known bad actors, so you don’t end up being another victim. 

    Simple Integration

    Get up and running in minutes with leading payment gateway providers

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